Our Founder, Jack Jang, was born in a small town in South East China in 1995. Jack showed a keen interest in machinery when he was still a child. His father enrolled him in a prominent technical school to learn mold development and design. Jack persevered in his studies, combining the theory he was taught with endless hours of practice perfecting his skills and abilities.
Jack Loved a challenge and liked to tackle difficult or seemingly impossible tasks. In his spare time he enjoyed helping neighbors and friends by solving their technical problems. Over time he became quite famous in his town, and received recognition and many awards.
Recognizing that the world was a dangerous and unstable place, Jack started to think about investing his time and energy in personal protective equipment and provide better quality products to help protect soldiers and law enforcement personnel. He started to think about molds for military equipment, and he found a partner who was also interested in this field. Together they developed many innovative new products, and began to produce bulletproof helmets, army tools, and other protective equipment.
Jack's skills became well renowned, and this drew many students looking to learn from him. Jack was keen to impart his knowledge to his students and took the time to explain what he did and how. This led to him building a loyal, highly skilled and professional team, and garnered the company many accolades and awards as a manufacturer of high quality personal protective equipment.
Although things were different during the early days of the company, and there was not much focus on quality by end users, Jack prided himself on never settling for "good enough". He always insisted on the principle of providing excellent products and excellent service for the user. Meticulous work flows and a focus on quality assurance, which although very slow, resulted in the highest quality and most durable products.
With the rise of manufacturing outsourcing to China, Leison has attracted many famous brands to come to visit with Jack and this has resulted in a number of high profile global clients using Leison to manufacture high quality protective equipment for them.
Placing a high value on education, Jack cooperated with technical schools and one such venture resulted in a number of breakthroughs in the high tech aramid fiber field. TacTex was born and this has had a number of positive impacts in developing less expensive, but high quality improvements in ballistic vest and ballistic plate production.
this new fiber is not only high in ballistic resistance , but also very soft and light in weight. Thanks to this advanced technology, the cost for ballistic protective products has also been reduced by a large margin.

In 1995, Jack decided to set up his own company, which would embody his personal philosophies and Leison was born. Since it's inception, Leison has consistently been at the forefront as a trendsetter in high technology. Leison remains steadfastly dedicated to research and development to create ever more advanced and improved products in the personal safety and tactical protection field.

In addition to developing the best composite molding technology and products, Leison has branched out into cut and sew tactical soft goods, Tactical footwear, and Steel manufacturing for customers the world over.

Post 9/11, Leison has not only concentrated on military and law enforcement products, but has also developed a line of unique and innovative Lifestyle Safety products, affording the civilian market with high quality personal protective products.

Leison Global has set up offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, Middle east, South Africa, Suriname, Italy, Mexico and The United States. We continue to expand to provide our global customers with the top notch professional service they have come to expect from Leison, whether it be new product development, outsource manufacturing, sales, or after sales support.