Leison Global constantly innovates to create added value for it's customers. Through decades of development, we have created a cutting edge design and rapid prototyping departments. Additionally we have our own molding workshop for metal or plastic processing machines. We can also design and customize textile products to the clients' specifications for outdoor and tactical equipment.

Our Internal Design Department is fully capable of complete product design, starting from analyzing the customer's needs, creating a preliminary design of the product draft. The prototype is then passed to our sample department, which builds the prototype product. The prototype is then rigorously tested by the client and any design changes can be incorporated to improve the product until it is perfected. We also have an in house packaging design department to provide added value to the client, and provide a one stop shop for complete product design. The Leison Global R&D department has built up a complete research and development management process for it's customers, and we have trained a professional and skilled team who can rapidly and accurately design the products to meet market demand. Furthermore, we thoroughly research and test any practical design issues uncovered in field testing, so that we can quickly find a practical solution to improve the product. Through diligently seeking perfection of our products, Leison Global has developed distinctive technology and unique design workflows to create truly innovative products for our customers.