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LBD-UN02 Concealable Ballistic Vest

  • Concealable Ballistic Vest
  • Our bullet proof jacket is designed and tested to ensure higher safety margins of penetration and blunt trauma protection in a concealable Level  NIJ IIIA package, the highest level of concealable body armor protection from handgun threats. It provides excellent comfort and flexibility while benefiting from the higher performance of specialized laminate materials typically used in hard armor ballistic protection. The ability to absorb and dissipate more energy over a greater backface area reduces non-penetrating injuries associated with blunt trauma to the chest and torso.
  • Excellent Performance
    Designed to provide the best ballistic performance and blunt trauma protection of any Level IIIA concealable armor vest on the market, our vest passed USA. H.P.Lab tests.
  • Poly/cotton outer shell
     Breathable
     Water resistant
     Machine washable, easy to clean
     Colors: All Camouflage, Black, White, Blue, Tan, (others available)
  • Sizes (Custom sizing available)


      *The weight changes accordance with different materials.

      *Modify or improve any specification and/or design at any time without prior notice.