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PLH-32B Riot Helmet

Riot Helmet
Adopt the structurally enhanced PC/ABS material, which has the feature of strong vibration-proof and high anti-impact ability, and not easy to split, can fully protect the head. The outer mask adopts the hardening PC material, high light and fine definition. The mask is with three card positions that can be opened from different angles. There is high quality rubber band in a good seal on the top, to ensure not leak water.
Inside consists of good quality leather and nylon fabric, designed with retention system, interior is padded with high density cushion sponge layer, protecting the head safely, without any adverse reactions even worn long time. It has breathable holes inside for ventilating.
Equipped with removable neck protector made of high strength waterproof and flame resistant fabric, and inside is with impact resistance material.
Weight: 1.8kgs-2.10kgs (According to thickness of mask)

Standard: ANSI Z87.1


*Modify or improve any specification and/or design at any time without prior notice.