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LLT-F213 Lifestyle Tactical Jacket

Lifestyle Tactical Jacket

The outer layer is made of comfortable polyester fabric, and the inner layer is Tac-Tex's latest protective material, which is soft and close to the body to meet daily protection needs. This jacket can fit the body in multiple directions without affecting activities. It has an ultra-thin and hidden design.

LEISONTAC's fashionable protective clothing uses light and thin materials to protect key parts of the body. The concealed design gives a great sense of security without losing fashion. LEISONTAC's unique process design makes the weight load distribution reasonable, wears naturally, and does not have a feeling of falling. The protective layer can be taken out at any time to reduce weight. Each style can provide male and female styles. We use the latest technology of Tac-Tex fiber (Super Soft Series) to manufacture stab-resistant and bulletproof clothing, using only fiber, no metal, no hard plastic sheet, no foam cushioning layer, thinner, lighter and softer. Optional features are bulletproof (NIJ), stab-proof (NIJ), cut-proof (EN), impact resistance, abrasion resistance and water resistance. LEISONTAC's R&D team will implement the design concepts of comfort, fashion and safety, and continue to provide consumers with more choices.

LEISONTAC's protective products can be widely used in personal protection, security, outdoor sports protection and other fields. Whether it is outdoor adventure, hunting, outreach activities, hiking, mountain climbing, guarding, daily use, etc., it can keep you from getting into danger at critical moments. With advanced technology and unique design, LEISONTAC's protective products will definitely be your preferred brand for personal protection.