Leison Globalprovides full service solutions for police, military and other security departments. From Tactical Textiles, Helmets and Shields, Industrial Security Supplies, Body Armour to Outdoor Gear such as: military tents, outdoor tableware, stretchers, etc. 
Leison vertically integrates with its affiliated raw material factories, and processing factories, lowering the production cost and allowing us to provide a more cost effective product with end to end quality controls for the highest quality products.

Leison Global cooperates with a number European Special Forces units, providing advanced Special Forces training support and complete advanced equipment loadout solutions. The training includes essential shooting courses, and advanced tactics. We have training experience in many Countries around the World for civilians as well as for government security services (Most European Countries, Liberia, Nigeria, India, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mexico, and Pakistan to name a few). If you require more information relating to training courses we offer, please contact us by email at:training@leison911.com